Our Suppliers

At ENSEMBLE, we want to serve you some of the finest food possible. We are lucky to be surrounded by so many artisan suppliers in Somerset and the surrounding counties. With this in mind, we believe passionately in sourcing as many ingredients as possible from local businesses.

Quality counts, and whilst it may cost that little bit more, we believe in supporting local companies who provide us with exceptional ingredients so we can offer you freshly cooked dishes that taste fantastic.

To give you a flavour of the care we have taken in trying to provide you with the highest quality ingredients, read on to see just a little background of some of our key local suppliers.


A selection of our meat comes from Griffiths & Sons, an Ashcott based family company who have been in business for over 60 years. All their beef is sourced as locally as possible, both from local markets and direct from the farm, reared using traditional methods of grazing on the fields of the West Country. The meat from their locally sourced breeds, such as Red Devon, Hereford and South Devon, is always hung for 28 days before sale.

Their pork is free range and comes from Wellington and the difference in flavour between it and imported pork is most noticeable. Their lamb comes from animals reared on the lush green pastures of Somerset, Devon and Dorset assuring excellent eating qualities.


Our seafood comes from Kingfisher Brixham who operate near the famous Brixham Fish Market. The business has grown since it was established over 30 years ago and is also a supplier to top restaurants and hotels in the South West and surrounding regions. With its coastal location, Kingfisher Brixham is ideally situated to source fish from within a few miles and deliver to us daily, so we can offer the freshest seafood possible.


All of our individual cheeses are sourced from local suppliers such as Wookey Cave Cheddar, Ogle Shield from Montgomery farm and Draycott Blue. We believe these cheeses offer great flavour and highlight the quality the South West has to offer.